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why are upload and download speed of an internet connection fixed and different?

2021-11-08 11:36:34 UTC
Why is it that the download speed of my internet connection is much higher than my upload speed. If I have a bandwidth of 1MBPS, and I'm not downloading anything and only uploading, why can't my connection use the entire 1MBPS bandwidth for upload?
2022-01-16 18:27:09 UTC
<p>Let me try to answer it like this in most countries we share the line with other people. If you read the contract from your provider they normally write something like that they only guarantee a % of what they say you get: 100/100. Some companies gives as little as 40% of what they should give you. That can be it. </p><p><br></p><p>Sometimes it can also be if you stay in a condo, if somebody on your line upload a lot that can effect you. but in most cases it is as simple as the company just don't give you what you should get.</p>
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