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in case of death, how do I ensure my family gets my bitcoin?

2021-12-28 11:36:48 UTC
what measures can I take that my family gets my bitcoin if I die?
2022-01-06 19:06:52 UTC
<p>Name a beneficiary in your will and add a document to your estate plan that lists your crypto assets and any passwords, PINs, keys and instructions to find your hot/cold wallet. If you have an account at a cryptocurrency exchange, your beneficiary can contact customer support to notify them of your death.</p><p>Ensure that your assets will go to the right people by keeping your estate plan updated, especially after a life change like marriage or divorce. Provide up-to-date instructions so beneficiaries can access your assets. Cold wallets need maintenance, too, in the form of periodic firmware updates. This can help lessen the burden on your loved ones and hopefully prevent fights as they settle your estate after your death.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p><p><br></p>
2022-01-16 23:34:14 UTC
<p>I think the best way is to teach them the basic on what is bitcoin and how it is working.after that you can write on a hard copy all the access on your that if accident happens they can manage to get your bitcoins.</p>
2022-05-30 10:14:54 UTC
<p>You can teach them but you can entrust it to one of them you trust can manage it well and also not selfish to allocate profits to them.</p>