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money making

2022-05-29 11:33:43 UTC
Explain your views on cryptocurrency in 2030 and how it can change people if they all knew how this works at any age?
2022-05-31 16:04:30 UTC
<p>I dont know my views of 2030 yet.</p><p>The system will change though, overconsumption won't be affordable anymore so hopefully the climate can slow down.</p><p>We will have to wait to see if there will be nation states anymore ...</p>
2022-11-06 13:55:49 UTC
<p>Depends on what you mean with "crytocurrency". Just the technology won't change a lot. The hard money system that comes with Bitcoin has huge economic consequences however! Less consumption, different time preference, making money is slower and less stressed, more focus on quality instead of quantity...</p>
2022-11-12 18:23:57 UTC
<p>Cryptocurrency has and with no doubt revulotionarize our view on how money must be working adopting the concept of decentralization and peer to peer transiction with no need to third part, also it is available for anyone at any times since it is not governed by any means of restriction, also we can see the impact of adopting cryptocurrency and as a great example in El salvador, how it has been drastically changed and made hope for the new generation. </p>
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