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How many transactions per seconds is the Lightning Network capable of doing?

2022-07-20 10:03:34 UTC
From what I've heard The Lightning Network increases Bitcoin's throughput but a big chunk and from my experience transactions get confirmed within 3-4 seconds. The web is filled with estimates with only the blockchain layer but I don't see any estimate that includes the lightning network. I wonder how many transactions Bitcoin processes with layer 1 and lightning combined?
2022-07-20 10:40:43 UTC
<p>Some authors give estimates of a few million per second but it always depends on the perspective. Technically there is no limit since it's truly peer2peer without a blockchain. 2 PCs can send eachother money at the speed of their processing power and limitless pcs could do so in parallel. The real world limits I see, is liquidity throughput which isnt a hard limit and the blockchain settlement but there is no long term experience how much is needed. I'd still claim infinite tx/s</p>